The team

The Billon team is part of our fabrics’ manufacture, each day and at each step, from the creation to the production.

United by rallying around shared values, the Billon workforce comes up with numerous abilities that are essential to the brand. Each of the collaborators is part of Billon’s expansion.

The direction

Billon’s creations

Binded with a unique passion, i.e. the development of innovative fabrics, our technicians and the design team let their creativity and their skills run wild with the collections’ conception.

The sales department

The sales team is the spokesperson of our brand. Each one of them contributes to the influence and development of the Billon company for the sake of our customers and partners throughout the whole world.

In our units

Dyers, supply chain managers, quality control technicians, colorists, … they all contribute to the production of all the fabrics that have been designed by our creative team. They are committed to asserting their skills and masterizing all the production processes through each fabric.

“French innovation and know-how at the service of customers”