Our know-how


The knitted fabrics’ specialist

Specialized in the creation and production of knitted fabrics, Billon Design is well known in the whole world for its creativity. From the polyamide / lycra® jacquards to the dyed yarns stripes, from the microfiber crochet fabrics to the elastic laces, all of our fabrics are developped both from synthetic yarns and from a polyamide dyed yarns color card exclusively studied for its unique handfeel and visual aspect.

Billon Design put all their skills at customers’ disposal in order to adapt the good product to each collection !

Ready-to-think collections…

For each new collection, Billon Design insures a wide range of fashionable fabrics that do not pop up out of the blue :

  • Dyed yarns knitted fabrics
  • Fancy jacquards
  • Openwork fabrics
  • 100% recycled or bio-sourced polyamide microfibers

Do you happen to require a unique fabric ? Our design team is here to answer all your needs as well as your personalized developments.


Innovation towards enhancing protection

Billon Technic is specialized in the study and conception of high performances fabrics for a better protection. Thanks to innovative knitting and finishing technologies, Billon Technic provides a wide range of knitted fabrics offering high performances that meet strict norms (abrasive, fire resistant, rupture proof etc…), for the equipment of individual protection manufacturing.

These tectile structures, using different raw materials (Aramide, Kermel/Viscose, Polypropylène, Polyamide HT, fire retardant Polyester…) are developed for administrative markets (police, army, gendarmerie, fire brigade), the commercial space market (Billon is listed as the reference in the red book), as well as the automotive.

Billon also developped a whole range of fabrics destined to the sportsmen, the bikers, the medical sector…

The major asset of this entity is the case-by-case study of all the requests. This allows each customer to have a specific fabric that is fitted for their needs.

The dyeing process


Billon is specialized in the dyeing of synthetic fibers (such as polyamide, polyamide / lycra®, polyester…) thanks to its subsidiary corporation located in the same Plaine de l’Ain industrial park.
It is also specialized in the dyeing of natural / artificial fibers (cotton, viscose…), but also of technical fibers (Aramid fibers such as kermel®…)

The division takes charge of « apparel fabrics », as well as technical fabrics such as fire retardant or puncture proof fabrics for the automotive industry and the aerospace sector. It owes numerous technical devices that are meant for the fabrics treatments, together with an experienced team that perfectly masters their tools and are prompt to react.

Its dyeing unit allows the production of special and precise colors.

A unique, first class service

Our unit dyes and finishes fabrics according to European Norms such as the ReacH application or the Oeko-tex norm.

The group subsidiary offers a unique service of textile ennoblement by taking over the dyeing and the finishing process as well as the quality control through its integrated laboratory.

Billon’s specialty, and its main strength, is to carry out small productions and small batch sizes.

“French innovation and know-how at the service of customers”